How it all began…

Christmas has been and gone, it’s 2018 and we have finally arrived in Oman with pale skin and bellies full of festive food, after months of planning our two year around the world trip.

Since we met 8 years ago, we have shared a real passion for travel. Together we have explored many countries but always for a limited duration of time. Over the last couple of years, on numerous occasions, we have discussed how amazing it would be to give up our jobs and travel the world for a prolonged period of time. In June, whilst on holiday in Symi, Greece, (sat along the harbour fuelled by a few cans of beer) we decided to make our dream a reality.

We took the plunge and yesterday arrived at Muscat airport, along with what feels like an elephant on our backs, the start of an epic journey!!

We hope you enjoy our travel blog, videos and pictures along the way and we hope it inspires your own future travels!

Cheers, Mizark X

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