Sun Mountain


We woke up in our store cupboard; it was 7am and our plan was to hitchhike to Jebel Shams, the highest peak in Oman, standing at 3009 metres.

Two minutes spent walking down the dusty road side with our thumbs out, we had a catch. A German/Belarusian couple working as teachers in Muscat offered to take us to the summit. Eighty kilometres later, after numerous hairpin bends on an unsealed gravel road, our nerves were shot, this guy was like a rally driver. The reward, however, was one of the most spectacular views we have ever witnessed. A huge canyon cut through the landscape as far as the eye can see on a crystal clear day.


We spent the next six hours navigating the balcony route, an adrenalin fuelled adventure around the rim of this outstandingly beautiful landscape. You couldn’t hear a pin drop as golden eagles soared on the winds pushing in from the Arabian sea. Steep sided rock faces plunging into the abyss, made for dramatic scenery. Again, with most of the natural attractions here, no entry fee is charged and you pretty much have the place to yourself…AMAZING!!

As we returned to the start of the walk, we remembered we had to catch a lift back to Nizwa. Twenty minutes later just as we were about to be attacked by thousands of goats, a local family picked us up in a Toyota pick up. They kicked us out half way down the mountain when they decided they fancied a trip to a family members for a cuppa! Oh well, ten minutes later we were back in business in a luxurious 4WD with two couples from Winchester who had been working in Oman. If you have managed to find our blog, hello and thank you again! What a day it had been. With tired legs and burnt body parts it was back to the shady fig tree for a well earned mint tea, aaaahhhh!!

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